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Achitectural Control Committee (ACC)

​The ACC is a subcommittee of the HOA which helps ensure all property (and changes thereto) within The Village at Innsbrook complies with the Declaration of Restrictions. These Restrictions contain architectural control restrictions/standards whose intent is to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the community, and thereby also protecting property values.  Over time, homeowners make modifications to the exteriors of their homes - such as changing the paint color or roofing materials - and make improvements to their property which include adding landscaping, fences, decks and driveways.  Without architectural standards, these gradual changes can easily affect the appearance of the community and property values. 


To help ensure the aesthetic harmony of the community (protect property values), the ACC’s primary role is to oversee the Request for Improvement (RFI) process – a process that homeowners use to request approval for any exterior change/improvement to their home/property.  The sections below outline the RFI approval process, the RFI form and neighborhood architectural guidelines.


The committee is made up of neighborhood volunteers (appointed by the Board) and is chaired by the vice president of the HOA.  If there are ever questions or doubts, don't hesitate to email or call: or 1-888-214-8832.


Request for Improvements (RFI)


Any change and/or improvement to the exterior of your home or property requires approval by the HOA Board of Directors of a Request for Improvement (RFI) form submitted by homeowners.


The following are typical topics of RFIs:

> Dwelling, Roofs, Windows, Siding Outbuildings and Sheds

> Garage, Garage Doors, Carports and Porches
> Sidewalks, Driveways and Fences, Swimming Pools
> Lamp Posts, Satellite Dish, Antenna or similar device
> Major Landscape & removal of trees 6" or greater in diameter
> Exterior Color and/or Material Changes

Mailbox Specs 

Mailbox Reference Pics

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Neighbor Recommended Contractors

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