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Community Activities

Village Activities - Join in the FUN !!!

Stay Tuned --- This year's first Friendly Friday is almost upon us!   Where will it be?

Village Groups.  From time to time, groups of people within the neighborhood get together to share common interests.

The Garden Club.  “Growing Friendships and Flowers”


Visit and tour some great gardens in the surrounding area with some of your fellow Villagers! 


The purpose of the Garden Club is to bring together women in the neighborhood who have an interest in growing friendships and flowers. In previous years, the Club visited the Faberge Egg Exhibit and the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts when the weather was too hot or too cold to be outside. During the spring and fall, the ladies enjoyed going to local nurseries and plant sales at Colesville, Ashwood, Crosscreek, Snead’s, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, and Maymont to buy flowers for their yards. Monthly morning guided tours at LGBG, a tour of Historic Kenmore in Fredericksburg, and teas at Cuppa Cheer in Rutherland and at The Jefferson completed their schedule. As I receive pictures from some of the members, I will pass them on to you.

Regretfully, Sue Holter, their leader for several years is moving to NVA and will be greatly missed.

The Garden Club’s contact person is Tena Freeman 804-346-2078 or


Click here for the Garden Club 2019 Schedule.  And see the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Calendar by clicking here.   

Email for details on other groups currently meeting or if you would like to create a group that is open to the other homeowners.

The Garden Club

2018 Lunch at The Amuse at VFAM 3_edited
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