Volunteers - It takes a Village!

Share Your Skills and Talents !!!

The Village has a number of volunteer opportunities and we invite you to join a team that holds interest for you or suggest additional areas we can serve our neighbors.


Here's a list of volunteer options:

  • Newsletter Editor- gather/write articles for the newsletter, design format.

  • Webmaster- update/enhance the Village website as needed.

  • ACC Committee- supports the ACC Chair by reviewing ACC Requests in the context of our By Laws and Restrictions. Confers with ACC Chair to formulate decisions.

  • Audit Committee- reviews the Treasurer's books quarterly to validate financial statements.

  • Nominating Committee- works with a team to secure 5 members to be nominated to serve on the board.

  • Hospitality Committee- welcomes new association members to our community.

  • Social Activities Planner- creates opportunities for neighborhood social events; obtain funding approval, develop and communicate an event using association resources.

  • Garden Club-  Group plans numerous trips/activities throughout the year.  See Community Activities tab for additional information,  

Send us an email to sign up or share your ideas.

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