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The Request for Improvement (RFI) Process

This section outlines the RFI process for securing approval of any additions and/or changes to exterior of homes or property. 


In addition to reading through information contained herein, it's recommended that homeowners review the architectural guidelines (click link) prior to submitting a RFI.

  • Fill in a RFI form (get form here: Request for Improvement Form) and secure any necessary plans, drawings, specifications, color samples, etc. per the instructions in the section below.

  • Submit a completed and signed RFI (with attachments) for approval via (a) scan and email to; (b) US mail to "Village at Innsbrook HOA, PO Box 3502, Glen Allen VA 23058-3502; or (c) drop off at the home of any Board member.

  • For straight forward requests, efforts will be made to provide informal approval within ten (10) business days. For more complicated requested, site visits may be required along with Board approval and could take up to thirty (30) days.

  • Please state in your request of any urgency and/or deadlines you're up against.

  • Written approvals are batched and distributed periodically. Should you require your file copy urgently, please let us know.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the homeowner to obtain all required building permits and ensure compliance with applicable Henrico County codes.

  • All RFIs (except for home color or material changes) must include a plot plan showing the improvement location, house location and lot boundary lines.

  • RFIs for buildings, fences and other above ground improvements should also include details showing the elevation of the proposed improvement and description of materials to be used.

  • RFIs for landscaping that substantially alters the exterior appearance of a property should include landscape design drawings.

  • RFIs for driveways and additions should include specifications of proposed material and surface finish.

  • RFIs for exterior color changes to house siding, trim, windows, front entrance doors, garage doors (front and side) and roof shingles must include a sample (swatch) of the proposed color.

  • RFIs for removal of trees over six (6) inches in diameter, regardless of condition should include the affected tree location on the plot plan. Pictures are helpful as well.

  • RFIs are required for all signs.

  • Any deviation from approved RFI must be resubmitted for approval.

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